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Press about us

Press about us

ESSO MILLANNI INC Company is always striving to participate in all events. Our main purpose is to expand the geography of customers and increase the brand awareness.


Nomination Most Recognizable Brand 2018

In 2018, the prestigious award from BROKER UNIVERSITY called the Most Recognizable Brand 2018 was awarded to Esso Millanni Inc.


It is not the first time when our country holds competitions, during which the best features of various companies are appeared, the most promising and popular market participants in certain industries are determined. In 2018, the prestigious award from BROKER UNIVERSITY called the Most Recognizable Brand 2018 was awarded to Esso Millanni Inc. It was the reason of discussion among the public, as the company was founded recently, but had already managed to make a good reputation.

25 different brands took part in the competition. Awards were given to the 3 of them, but Esso Millanni Inc became the absolute winner with the majority of votes (21.5%). This year, among the contenders there is a large number of newcomersnew participants, who managed to achieve significant progress and increase competitiveness in their industry.

The evaluation took place according to many criteria, the selection and adaptation of which were engaged in leading IT and PR specialists. Assessors were selected by universal suffrage within one month before the event.

The recognition of the logothe "face" of the brand,the estimated number of users of the service within a certain period of time, the consumer confidence index was determined during the evaluation, the principles of the comparative method and different models for assessing the effectiveness of branding were applied.

In total, 3 nominations were presented within the framework of the event. In addition to the Recognizable Brand, the winners were determined in two nominations"MOST AGGRESSIVE ADVERTISING" and "MOST SOCIAL BROKER".


Nomination Best New Binary Options Broker by Version BBO AWARDS EX

The BBO AWARDS EX Association held the contest "Best New Binary Options Brokers" in the city.

In our city there was another contest "Best New Binary Options Brokers" which was attended by the most popular, the most promising and the fastest growing binary options brokers in 2018.

In the past year, first of all, the new participants who have been working on the market for no more than six months, have shown excellent results.

They are rapidly increasing their potential to compete with the giants of the market. The fact that they were in this rating, directly characterizes the correctness and effectiveness of the chosen vector of development, given the constant tightening of market conditions for the activities of such companies.

The most progressive newcomer, who managed not only to attract a large client audience, but also to distinguish himself with the unique industry solutions, was the Esso Millanni, which won the prestigious nomination "Best New Binary Options Brokers" according to the BBO AWARDS EX Association.

The top three brokers were determined in terms of comfortable work for both novice traders and professionals. One of the main criteria was:

- ease of operation;  - the level of security; - options for input/output of money;  - the quality and efficiency of technical support.

It studied in detail the reputation of each individual company, its influence on the market, comments of real users. Its clear that this event was perceived with great public surprise, as the recently launched company Esso Millanni has achieved significant success in a very short time.



Nomination MOST RECOGNIZABLE BRAND 2019 under the version of the REGIONAL LEADER

The international binary options brokers contest MOST RECOGNIZABLE BRAND 2019 has proved that in this segment of the financial market there are many companies with a reliable business reputation and attractive terms of cooperation. To assess the activities of dealing centers it was analyzed a variety of indicators, including: the rate of growth of the customer base, the total size of deposits, the amount of partner rewards, the presence of bonuses for successful traders and the presence/number of negative reviews about the cooperation. It is pleasant to note that the most recognized brand according to REGIONAL LEADER was the company ESSO MILLANNI INC, which outrun its more experienced competitors in terms of development, activity of introduction of new technological and software solutions, as well as proved the possibility of a breakthrough to the already established market for young companies.



As you know, regular preparation of independent ratings of brokerage companies allows traders to find the best options for cooperation, because one description of trading conditions is not enough for an effective choice. More important is the essence of the broker's attitude to the trader: round-the-clock technical support, a variety of ways to withdraw funds, a high level of security of confidential information and personal data. Expert evaluation of the above indicators in combination with other factors (minimum deposit, comfortable trading conditions, etc.) allows you to assess the potential of the company and the level of professionalism of its management. With brokers leading this kind of ratings, it is much easier to conduct trading operations and freely get their profits.

In the binary options market, you can find a lot of brokerage companies, both already having a solid reputation as a reliable partner, and new, most recently appeared in the field of view of traders. Such companies, despite the relative "youth", make a worthy competition to the companies-"old-timers" and often provide their customers with much more attractive conditions for trade. The fact that the nomination in the category of the fastest growing binary options broker according to FINANCE EXHIBITION went to the company ESSO MILLANNI INC, it cannot be called just luck- this result the company deserved thanks to the professional teamwork of the whole team, steadily growing economic indicators and a lot of positive and sometimes enthusiastic user reviews.





How do traders learn about broker companies providing their services for binary options trading? Of course, from advertising! But only at first glance it seems that there is nothing easier than to create a pair of bright banners, run mailing and pay for context advertising in search systems. For fast promotion and constant growth of the customer base, it is necessary, first of all, to create a recognizable brand and a powerful information field that attracts traders on the principle of a magnet. Of course, there are advertising tools common to all advertisers, but to be able to use them correctly, to find unique methods of influence on the target audience, to create an attractive "wrapper" offers of cooperation — a difficult task even for specialized professionals.

INTERNATIONAL FINANCE SCHOOL analyzed dozens of advertising campaigns of binary options brokers, evaluating them on many indicators, including PR-effect, business psychology techniques, originality of presentations, and methods of communication with Central Asia. As a result of the research, the company ESSO MILLANNI INC came out in the nomination for the most aggressive advertising, which showed stable results in the growth of the client base. In addition to the constant increase in the number of new customers, the company ESSO MILLANNI INC is characterized by a large number of regular users of services, which points not only to the carrying out of a competent marketing policy, but also the ability to create comfortable conditions for cooperation and build trust relationship with customers.


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